About Me

Hey friends! My name is Chelsea. I was born and raised in the midwest. Michigan to be more specific. I moved to California to chase my dreams as an audio professional. I'm a full time cat and dog mom. My Friday evening drink of choice is a glass of red wine. 

When I'm not at the salon or hanging out with my pets, you'll find me adventuring off the road in my jeep wrangler or at a car show drooling over everything that goes fast. 

So I bet you're wondering how I ended up becoming a hairstylist. Well...​I never changed direction when it came to hair. If I wasn't helping my mom or my best friend with their hair color, I was in my bathroom changing my own hair color. The idea that someone can get a feel for your personality just by looking at your hair is a reality for me, and once I realized it was like that for other people too, I soon found myself behind a salon chair. Blonding and Vivid hair are my two specialties. As a hair color specialist, I'd love to find that perfect color for you.

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